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Mouth Cancer Facts
  • Mouth cancer can affect the lips, tongue, cheeks and throat
  • Mouth cancer is more common in people aged over 40
  • Almost 7,000 new cases of mouth cancer are reported in the UK each year
  • Almost 2,000 deaths per year in the UK are caused by mouth cancer
  • Mouth cancer is strongly linked to alcohol and tobacco use
  • Checking for mouth cancer is part of a regular dental health check
  • Early detection is the best way to identify mouth cancer
  • Regular oral and dental health checks are the best way of spotting oral cancer

Dental care at home provides dental health services to care homes, which includes checking for oral cancer.

We can be contacted on 0141 3320793 or emailed on



Caring For Your Elderly Relatives Teeth

As the care needs of your loved one or relative change, often looking after their oral health can sometimes feel like an after thought.

The good news is that looking after your relative’s teeth is simple.

Regular tooth brushing (twice daily for two minutes) and reducing where possible sweet drinks and sugary snacks will help slow down or prevent tooth decay.

An electric toothbrush, which uses little or no manual movement is often effective and can be purchased inexpensively.

Denture wearers should also have their dentures cleaned regularly. A simple clean with a toothbrush and running water works well.

In all cases, regular visits by a dentist who will check overall dental health and check for signs of oral cancer is advised.

They will, where required, also provide oral hygiene services (cleaning of teeth), may prescribe high-fluoride toothpaste and provide the application of fluoride paste to help keep teeth strong.

Dental Care At Home provides dental care services for residents in care homes. If you are unsure about your relative’s oral health in their care setting, please speak to the care home in the first instance.

Dental Care At Home can be contacted on 0141 332 0793 or emailed on